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Helping foreign-trained workers succeed in Canada

The Foreign Credentials Referral Office provides information, path-finding and referral services to help foreign-trained workers succeed and put their skills to work in Canada more quickly.

The Office does this in the following ways:

  • On the Internet: Through the information and referrals on this website.

  • By telephone through Service Canada: 1‑888‑854‑1805 or TTY 1-800-926-9105 (in Canada only). Callers are connected to an agent who will answer questions and provide referrals to important sources.

  • In person through Service Canada: You can also get information, path-finding and referral services in person at Service Canada centres in:
  • Increasing support overseas: through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, initiatives will be undertaken to provide prospective immigrants to Canada with the information, path-finding and referral services they need. Currently, via the Canadian Immigration Integration Project, orientation sessions are being offered in India, China and the Philippines to provide information on Foreign Credential Recognition processes and the Canadian labour market so that immigrants arriving to Canada are better prepared for work.

  • Increasing the capacity of Canadian organizations to improve their foreign credential processes: with a funding increase, the Foreign Credential Recognition Program, will improve the consistency, fairness and transparency of the assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications for both regulated and non-regulated occupations in Canada.

  • Coming Soon: By the fall of 2007, in-person service will be available at over 300 Service Canada centres.

The Foreign Credentials Referral Office is part of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Its services are delivered in collaboration with Human Resources and Social Development Canada and Service Canada.

For more information about the Office, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.