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Tools and Resources

These tools and resources help you assess how your organization fares in its approach toward welcoming internationally trained and educated individuals. Explore how your company can benefit from recruiting, retaining and promoting internationally trained and educated individuals in the workplace and learn from the successful strategies and resources of several large, medium and small companies. The Government of Canada also has programs and resources that can help you with human resources management.

Sector Councils

Sector councils bring together representatives from business, labour, education and professional groups to address sector-wide human resources issues.

They address a wide range of issues related to technological change, quality standards, planning and human resources development. Some have also implemented sector-specific projects regarding foreign credential recognition.

To learn more about some of the innovative projects that regulatory bodies, employers, educational institutions and other stakeholders are participating in right now, consult the best practices in foreign credential recognition section.

Job Bank

Job Bank is the largest online network of job postings in Canada. It is fast, easy and free of charge.

By advertising in Job Bank, employers can post job openings that will be seen by thousands of job seekers across Canada, including internationally trained and educated individuals.

You can also be matched with a list of qualified candidates who have the experience and set of skills you are looking for.