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Message from the Minister

Photo of Minister Diane FinleyAs Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I am proud to welcome you to Canada’s New Government’s Foreign Credentials Referral Office. This new office will help internationally trained individuals like you find the information and services they need to get their training and credentials recognized in Canada.

The Office will focus on information, path-finding and referral services through this website, and dedicated in-Canada telephone and in-person service offered through Service Canada.

The website features a personalized online search tool called “Working in Canada.” This device will help you identify occupations in Canada for which you may be qualified, as well as the regulatory body appropriate for your needs. The tool will also provide you with detailed labour market information based on where you live (or plan to live).

The Government of Canada is working in partnership with provincial and territorial governments, regulatory bodies, employers and other stakeholders to ensure that you are getting the information and referral services you need to get your skills, training and credentials recognized as quickly as possible in Canada.

Canada is home to countless dynamic industries that need employees with diverse skills and experience. People who choose to immigrate to Canada are an invaluable resource, and we all have a role to play in helping them integrate successfully.

The Honourable Diane Finley
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration