A Feeble Attempt to Share
The Incredible Beauty
of Fractal Mathematics

Like all my pages between now and the end of the age, this one is far from complete. First, most of the hundreds of pieces of fractal art I have created have long since entered the big bit bucket (only us old computniks remember emptying them). Second, I have been so out-classed by so many both in computing power and in true artistry, that at least for now, I will in all humility send you to their sites.

if your spouse is waiting for you to be on time for a dinner engagement!

If you have mostly heard the word 'Fractals', and equate them with snapshots of the Mandelbrot set, I suggest you risk exposing yourself to the true immensity of the field. For one thing, I'd read Mandelbrot's "The Fractal Geometry of Nature", W. H. Freeman, San Francisco, 1982. It's an easy read, not too technical, and quite mind-expanding.

Several of the books by Peitgen get you drawn into how easy some of this is to do, and give you a good glimpse of his fanciful Sci-Fi scenic world of fractals.

By now, there are thousands of additional books on aspects of fractal mathematics, ranging from beautiful picture books to good how-to-compute-them guides, to monographs so technical that comprehending readers probably number in the single digits.

Another good place to get started is the huge Fractal FAQ affiliated with the Sci.Fractals Newsgroup. It is a huge (96k) FAQ sheet answering many FAQ's and having lots of links.

There are a number of humongous collections of fractal images, links, programs and technical details. Three are under the nurture of Physics Prof. Julien Sprott at the University of Wisconsin:

Two more of the really large collections of fractal art reside on Noel Giffin's Spanky pages at the Canadian National Meson Research Facility (TRIUMF) in Vancouver BC: Another place to go to find more fractal art galleries, of course, is the

and one more fairly broad list is:

A few amongst the many other interesting sites include:

My background is an assemblage of Sierpinski Triangles. I have always wondered whether we are distantly related, separated mostly by a spelling error at Ellis Island, when my grandfather arrived as an immigrant from Poland.

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