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OZeCulture: eBusiness for the Cultural Sector Manual
The manual was designed to accompany a workshop which was developed as part of the OZeCulture: eBusiness for the Cultural Sector program run by the New Media Section, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts between March and June 2001. The manual is designed to help cultural organisations learn how they might benefit from using the Internet in the conduct of their day to day business.

Download a copy of the eBusiness manual in PDF format.

Internet Development Guides
These ten useful and detailed guides will provide you with most of the information you'll need to start developing your organisation's website. They are designed to help Australian culture and recreation sector workers and organisations discover why they should use the Internet, how they might use it, and how to develop an Internet presence. These Guides can also be used as a basis for workshops or seminars to help develop a strategy to make the transition to the online environment.

Use the Download area to obtain versions of these Guides to use offline, or request a paper version if you can't download or print them yourself.

How to publish documents online
A brief introduction on how to publish large documents online.

Other information

  • Metadata is data about data. For more information and some useful links see our Metadata information screen.

  • The W3C organisation (World Wide Web Consortium) oversights the development of standards for the world wide web. The Australian office of the W3C organisation has a particular focus on W3C activities in Australia.
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