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Listed below are some email discussion lists focused on particular areas of cultural activity which you may be interested in.

Often the only way to find out whether or not a discussion list is suitable for your needs is to subscribe and 'lurk' (read others' postings without replying or emailing a posting of your own) for a few weeks until you get a feel for the type of discussions and information posted to the list. Some lists also present their email postings on the Web and, where possible, we have included links to those Web addresses below with the information about the discussion lists.

Some lists which may be of interest


  • ACAM-L (Australian Contemporary Art Mailing List)
    ACAM-L is a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of contemporary Australian Art. To subscribe send an email to berge@a2.com.au with subscribe acam-l your email address in the body. Don't put anything in the subject line.
  • Australian Museums Forum
    The Australian Museums Forum (AMF) is an electronic news and discussion group focusing on Australian museum issues, practice and theory.  All museum workers are most welcome to exchange ideas and information.
    To subscribe visit the Australian Museums Forum home at
    http://amol.org.au/craft/amf/amf_index.asp. This screen also provides links to other museum-related discussion groups.
    A list on Australian literature with an academic/professional bent. To subscribe: send an email to
    majordomo@vicnet.net.au with subscribe austlit in the body of the email.
  • Electricmuse
    Electricmuse is intended for all those interested in Web development issues for cultural organisations in Australia. To subscribe to 'electricmuse' send email to: listcaster@amol.org.au with subscribe electricmuse in the body, with no subject and any signature turned off.
  • Library-related discussion lists
    The Australian Libraries Gateway holds an extensive list of Australian
    library-related discussion lists.
  • LINK
    Link is an moderated email discussion list for people interested in the development of the Internet in Australia. To subscribe: send an email to
    majordomo@www.anu.edu.au with subscribe link your email address in the body. (Note: your email address should be your email address - for example editor@cultureandrecreation.gov.au)
    Link list archive
  • : : : recode : : :
    : : : recode : : : is an Australian-based email list for critical commentary and debate on new media, online and digital culture. Its aim is to encourage dialogue amongst practitioners and critics from the Australian and Asia-Pacific region, bringing together geographically diverse communities. To subscribe: send an email message to
    majordomo@autonomous.org with subscribe recode in the body.
    Recode list archive


    This bilingual list (English and French) is provided as a service to the Canadian museum community as part of the Canadian Heritage Information Network's Heritage Forum. To subscribe: send an email to canmuse-l-request@chin.gc.ca with the word 'subscribe' in the SUBJECT field. Do not enter any message.
    CHIN Heritage Forum archive
  • Diglib
    IFLANET, the electronic services of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, is providing DIGLIB, an Internet mailing list for librarians, information scientists, and other information professionals to discuss the constellation of issues and technologies pertaining to the creation of digital libraries. To subscribe: send an email to:
    listserv@infoserv.nlc-bnc.ca with subscribe DIGLIB Firstname Lastname in the body. (Note: Firstname Lastname should be your First name and your Last name!)
    NINCH- ANNOUNCE is a public list for announcements and news from the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH) in the USA. NINCH is a consortium of arts, humanities and cultural organisations interested or engaged in digitising and networking the USA's cultural resources. To subscribe: send an email to
    listproc@cni.org with subscribe NINCH-ANNOUNCE firstname lastname (Note: firstname lastname should be your first name and your last name!)
  • SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network)
    The purpose of this list is to facilitate discussion and information exchange on matters relevant to the dissemination of multimedia cultural resources. SCRAN is for news and discussion of matters relating to the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, including museum and gallery documentation, multimedia, teaching and learning technology, electronic copyright and multi-domain network resource discovery. To subscribe: send an email to
    mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk with join scran firstname lastname in the body. (Note: firstname lastname should be your first name and your last name!)
    SCRAN list archive

Lists of discussion lists and newsgroups

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