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The Culture and Recreation Portal offers a range of resources to those with an interest in Australian culture and the arts:


The ausculture-newsletter is a free email newsletter. It provides the latest news from the Culture and Recreation Portal as well as information about emerging technologies. You can subscribe to the ausculture-newsletter at our newsletter registration screen.


The contributors-newsletter is a free email newsletter. It focuses on the online environment, website design, technical innovation, educational opportunities and provides specific information to ensure sites can be indexed successfully through the portal.

Freesearch engines for your website

Install a free site search for your website or a Bluey Australian cultural search engine in your website that will provide your visitors direct access to Australian cultural material.

Internet Development Guides

A set of Internet Development Guides that will help Australian cultural workers and cultural organisations discover why they should use the Internet, how they might use it, and how to develop an Internet presence.

Creative Industries Cluster Study

The Creative Industries Cluster Study is a research project designed to provide company, sector and industry wide information on the scope, scale and dynamics of the creative digital industries in Australia. To find out more visit our Creative Industries Cluster Study screen.

Cultural discussion lists

One way of participating in particular areas of cultural activity in which you are interested, is to join one or more of the many email discussion forums listed on the Cultural discussion lists screen.

OZeCulture Conference

The OZeCulture Conference provides opportunities for the cultural sector to network and develop expertise and awareness about culture, digital content, ebusiness and online issues.

Ebusiness guide

Assisting cultural organisations develop and implement ebusiness strategies with a practical Ebusiness guide.

Culture and Recreation Thesaurus

The Culture and Recreation Thesaurus was written to assist information management on the Culture and Recreation Portal. It may be of assistance to other sites which need to organise large quantities of information related to these sectors for online discovery.

EdNa LogoEducation Network Australia (EDNA)

EdNA Online is a gateway to evaluated Internet resources and services for education and training. It provides free collaborative tools such as discussion lists and forums, and is a national asset collaboratively funded by the Australian State, Territory, and Commonwealth education ministries. The Culture and Recreation Portal and EdNA have a memorandum of understanding to share resources and services for mutual benefit.

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