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Saturday, 29-Sep-01 02:39:27 EST Space Internet Development Guides
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This set of Internet Development Guides will help Australian cultural workers and cultural organisations discover why they should use the Internet, how they might use it, and how to develop an Internet presence.

Note: these Guides were developed initially for Australia's Cultural Network and are currently under review. Some references and links may be out of date.

If you want just a quick introduction and you don't know much about the Internet, go straight to Guide 1. Otherwise, click on any Guide. While it is recommended that you do the Guides in sequence, this is not necessary.

Use the Download area to obtain versions of these Guides to use offline, or request a paper version if you can't download or print them yourself.

These Guides can also be used as a basis for workshops or seminars to help develop a strategy to make the transition to the online environment.

Click on a Guide below to go to that Guide. The first screen of each Guide outlines its contents.

Guide 1. What's in it for me?

Guide 2. What is the Internet?

Guide 3. What can I do on the Internet?

Guide 4. Is the Internet for my business?

Guide 5. What will I do with my website?

Guide 6. How do I get connected?

Guide 7. How do I create my website?

Guide 8. What do I need for my website?

Guide 9. I'm online. Now what?

Guide 10. Where can I get help?

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