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Sunday, 13-Jan-02 15:28:46 EST Space Help with the Internet Development Guides
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Ten (10) Guides
There are 10 Internet Development Guides in the set. You can access them in any order you like. If you are new to the Internet we suggest you use the Guides in sequence to give you an overview of the Internet and what it can do for you and your organisation.

Table of contents: a good place to start
The Table of Contents screen, which you can access from within any Guide (see the submenu 'Contents' at the left of this screen), contains a list of all topics covered within each Guide. This is a great place to start to get a feel for what the Guides cover and to identify which Guides will be most useful for you.

Main screen and Guide titles
The main Guides index screen lists the title of each Internet Development Guide. Click the title to take you to the Guide you want to look at.

The titles are self explanatory. For example: 'What is the Internet?'

Moving between Guides
You can also use the menu at the top of the screen to move from one Guide to another.

Moving between screens within Guides
Next and Previous links are at the bottom of each screen.

  • To go to the next screen click Next
  • To go to the previous screen click Previous

Bookmarking Guides
Each screen in our Guides can be bookmarked. So if a screen is of particular interest to you, bookmark it so you can come straight back to it whenever you like.

Skipping screens
Some Guides have many screens. If you want to skip screens you can use the Table of Contents (click the 'Contents' submenu to the left of this screen) and use this to jump to the screen you want.

You can also skip screens by changing the URL address in the bar at the top of your browser's screen.

The URL address, in the bar at the top of your browser screen, will look something like http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/resources/guides/g3/s1.htm

The /g3/ means Guide number 3. The s1.htm is the screen number in that Guide.

If you want to go to screen 20 of Guide 3, highlight s1.htm by dragging your cursor across it and type s20.htm instead. When you press your return/enter button you will go straight to screen 20 of Guide 3.

These strategies mean you don't have to keep clicking on Next to get to the screen you want but can sample just the pages of interest to you.

Search our Guides
Another way to help you find the information you want is to use the 'Search our Guides' box. This box is at the bottom of every screen in the Guides.

So if you are looking for information about a particular thing - such as newsgroups - type the word 'newsgroups' in the 'Search our Guides' box. The search function will return any Guide which mentions newsgroups.

This means you can get that information without having to look through every Guide. A great time saver when you know exactly what help you need!

NOTE: The 'Search our Guides' search function will only work if you are on the Internet. If you use the 'Search our Guides' search function from a copy of the Guides on your hard drive, then either the 'Search our Guides' search function will not work, or your computer will try to connect to the Internet to complete the search.

Links inside and outside our Guides
To provide you with additional help and resources we have sought out some of the best and most interesting sites the online environment provides - and linked to them. As well, we've created links within the Guides to help you locate related resources.

There are two different kinds of links in our Guides:

  • Links that are not part of a Guide. These are indicated by a small golden globe G (they may be links to other parts of Australia's Cultural Network or to anywhere on the Internet).
  • Links to other screens within this set of Guides.

Tip: If you follow a link, you can return to the screen you started from by using the Back button at the top of your browser application window. (If the back button is inactive, click on the 'Go' menu at the top of your browser window and click on the last Australia's Cultural Network link you visited.)

The Download screen allows you to download a copy of the Guides to your computer. This lets you use a Guide without being connected to the Internet, or print a copy. Instructions for downloading are provided on the Download screen.

You can also request a paper copy of the Guides (Australian addresses only) by completing a request form.

We hope you find these Guides useful. If you would like to see information added to these Guides, please let us know and we'll try and incorporate that information next time we update them.

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