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This Table of Contents is compiled from the list of headings for each screen in this set of Guides. Click on a topic to go to that screen. For something particular you can use the 'Search the Guides' search box at the bottom of every screen of the Guides. At the top of every screen there is a menu which will quickly take you to the main topics in the Guides.

Note: these Guides were developed initially for Australia's Cultural Network and are currently under review. Some references and links may be out of date.

Notes on using these Guides
Where there are Gglobes in these Guides it means the related hypertext link will take you outside these Guides - either to another part of the Culture and Recreation Portal website or to a website outside the Culture and Recreation Portal altogether. To get back to the Guides, use your back button.

If you are using these Guides offline, the hypertext links with globes will not work. You can check them out next time you are online.

For definitions of unfamiliar terms visit GFOLDOC - the Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing.

Guide 1. What's in it for me?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. Introducing the Internet.
Screen 3. How to get on to the Internet.
Screen 4. What can you or your organisation do with the Internet?
Screen 5. 'Getting on the Net' checklist and review of Guide 1.
Guide 2. What is the Internet?
Screen 1.Overview.
Screen 2. How did the Internet start?
Screen 3. How the Internet works.
Screen 4. How do computers talk to each other? With server software!
Screen 5. What you can do on the Internet.
Screen 6. Where is Internet technology going? Review of Guide 2.
Guide 3. What can I do on the Internet?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. The World Wide Web (WWW).
Screen 3. HyperText Markup Language (HTML).
Screen 4. Browser applications and URLs.
Screen 5. How do you find information on the Internet? Search engines!
Screen 6. Searches on the Web.
Screen 7. The Web: a summary.
Screen 8. Email: addresses and software.
Screen 9. Email: attachments, managing spam and viruses.
Screen 10. Email: using email in your cultural business.
Screen 11. File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Screen 12. Newsgroups.
Screen 13. Distribution and discussion lists.
Screen 14. Finding, subscribing to, and managing discussion lists.
Screen 15. Different ways to use discussion lists in your organisation.
Screen 16. Review: discussion lists versus newsgroups.
Screen 17. Real time communications: Web chat .
Screen 18. Real time communications: telephony and video.
Screen 19. Electronic commerce (eCommerce).
Screen 20. Review of Guide 3.
Guide 4. Is the Internet for my business?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. Planning your website.
Screen 3. The business plan.
Screen 4. Your Net presence.
Screen 5. What works on the Internet?
Screen 6. What will you put on your website: a checklist.
Screen 7. You're committed to a website: establishing a framework.
Screen 8. Promoting your website.
Screen 9. Monitoring visits and reviewing your website.
Screen 10. Review of Guide 4.
Guide 5. What will I do with my website?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. Your website's users: who do you want to visit your website?
Screen 3. Your website's users: how will users access your website and from where?
Screen 4. Website planning.
Screen 5. Website planning: managing long documents.
Screen 6. Website planning: backing up your website.
Screen 7. Website planning: resourcing your website.
Screen 8. Website planning: buy or rent?
Screen 9. Review of Guide 5.
Guide 6. How do I get connected?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. What do you need to get connected?
Screen 3. What is a modem?
Screen 4. What software do I need to connect to the Internet?
Screen 5. ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
Screen 6. ISPs: ISP connection costs and review of Guide 6.
Guide 7. How do I create my website?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. Web design principles: an overview of Web design and designing your welcome screen.
Screen 3. Web design principles: development resources, structuring text and choosing fonts.
Screen 4. Web design principles: HTML, Java, JavaScript and Plug-ins.
Screen 5. Web design principles: Web browsers and new technologies.
Screen 6. Web design principles: directory structure.
Screen 7. Web design principles: accessibility to your site by users with special needs.
Screen 8. Web design principles: navigation and frames.
Screen 9. Navigation: sitemaps.
Screen 10. Navigation: hypertext links.
Screen 11. Using graphics on your website.
Screen 12. Multimedia.
Screen 13. Copyright and the Web.
Screen 14. Disclaimers.
Screen 15. Testing and evaluation.
Screen 16. Evaluation: encouraging feedback.
Screen 17. Review of Guide 7.
Guide 8. What do I need for my website?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. Developing your own website: do you need your own server?
Screen 3. Developing and maintaining your website.
Screen 4. Graphics, multimedia and writing for the Web.
Screen 5. Databases and the Web.
Screen 6. Domain names.
Screen 7. Review of Guide 8.
Guide 9. I'm online. Now what?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. How do you promote your website?
Screen 3. Promoting your website: linking to other cultural organisations.
Screen 4. How can I use metadata?
Screen 5. Using audio and video.
Screen 6. Electronic commerce.
Screen 7. Internet security.
Screen 8. Review of Guide 9.
Guide 10. Where can I get help?
Screen 1. Overview.
Screen 2. Getting help developing your website.
Screen 3. Getting funding for your website.
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