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ausculture-newsletter is our free email newsletter bringing you the latest on culture, recreation and online issues.

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Free site search for your website
The Culture and Recreation Portal can provide a Free site search for your website. This facility will allow your visitors to search the contents of your site and/or the contents of the entire Culture and Recreation Portal from your website. Please note that this facility is only available to websites listed and/or indexed by the Culture and Recreation Portal. (Coming soon - A variation of this facility will shortly be available for websites which are not listed.)

Portal contributors newsletter
This is a free email newsletter produced and distributed by the Culture and Recreation Portal for the owners and managers of websites listed or indexed by this site in accordance with our Add your website - policy.

The newsletter focuses on the online environment, website design, technical innovation, educational opportunities and provides specific information to ensure sites can be indexed successfully through the portal. Subcribe to the Portal contributors newsletter.

Other services
The Culture and Recreation Portal has a range of information management resources available for contributors and other users of the site, including:

  • The Culture and Recreation Thesaurus provides an ordered listing of terms relating to culture and recreation activities in Australia. You can download a copy of the thesaurus or link to view the thesaurus in your browser.

  • Our Audience categories have been designed to enable users of the portal to locate sites according to their particular needs.

  • Metadata is data about data. It is not visible on the Web screen but is visible in the source code. You can read more about metadata and this site at our Metadata screen.

Please contact us via our Feedback screen.

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