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Tuesday, 04-Sep-01 11:21:36 EST Space Culture and Recreation Thesaurus
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What is a thesaurus?
A thesaurus organises a set of selected words, terms or concepts, such as a specialized vocabulary of a particular field, eg arts, culture, medicine, music or recreation in hierarchical order of broader and narrower terms. For example, a thesaurus might include:

  • a set of top level terms,
  • a level with a set of narrower terms related to each of the top level terms, and
  • a list of synonyms, preferred and non-preferred terms.

There may be more than one level of narrower terms in a thesaurus.

Why a Culture and Recreation Thesaurus?
Accessibility, metadata, ease of searching. The Culture and Recreation Thesaurus will evolve over time in response to use. Copies available from the site will be version and date stamped. The current version is V1.0, current at 1 June 2001.

How the Culture and Recreation Thesaurus is applied
In the culture and recreation thesaurus there are 2 levels of terms: the Browse Level with 20 terms and the Descriptor Level with between 8 and 41 terms per Browse Level term. These terms can be used as filters for the search on the homepage and when you are given the option to refine your search.

The terms have been applied to the AGLS metadata subject(s) field for the sites listed and indexed by the Culture and Recreation Portal. This enables our search engine to more quickly and accurately locate the information which users request through the search form.

Download a copy of the Culture and Recreation Theasurus
Click on this link to download the Culture and Recreation Thesaurus in PDF format.



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