Official Content

Introduction to Official Content

In addition to the personal videos of our users and the creative work of our MotionMakers, Dailymotion enables official, professional content to be shared across our platform. Our Official Content Partners include record labels, film studios, news media, television channels, sports associations and political parties.

Similar to the CreativeContent logo and thumbnail overlay affixed to MotionMaker videos, an OfficialContent logo and thumbnail overlay distinguish all Official Content Partner videos that appear on Dailymotion. We want to make sure that all videos uploaded to Dailymotion by professional media outlets receive the appropriate stamp of approval.

As a participant in this program, you will enjoy:

  • increased account visibility as an “Official User”
  • increased video visibility thanks to the “OfficialContent” overlay affixed to each of your video’s thumbnail previews
  • a custom profile skin made to your specifications

Participating in the Official Content program is a free service for our partners.

Interested in joining this program, and growing your audience with Dailymotion?

To validate participation in the OfficialContent program, partners must give their express agreement to the terms and conditions of membership, returning the agreement document - duly signed and indicating "agreed" - either by fax or by email, to the attention of "Partnership Official Content."

Note to advertisers:

This offer is for professional content producers only, although brands may benefit from the same advantages provided by Official Content status, including:

  • An official area (web TV) on Dailymotion, skinned according to the brand's guidelines
  • Link to the brand's website
  • Improved visibility in search results (internal and external referrals)
  • Increased hosting capacity
  • HD video encoding

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