Rights holders, the OpenVoD program is designed for YOU!

OpenVoD is an easy and comprehensive solution to sell your videos, in the best conditions, on Dailymotion website and apps (tablets, smartphones, connected devices...) and everywhere on the web.

Here are the 3 key benefits of the program:

1. Keep control

Select the titles, choose the price, the viewing time, and define your model: transaction or subscription. Your videos will be hosted on your personal official account on Dailymotion that you can customize with all your branding elements and where you can access to sales statistics.

2. Promote your videos

OpenVoD is based on a freemium model: you can define an extract of your video that will be offered for free to a large audience and that will boost conversion to the pay model.

3. Create your own online shop

OpenVoD is a turnkey VoD solution for your website. Simply embed the Dailymotion player at no extra cost and start selling your videos.

You need more information?

How to create a pay offer?

Create a pay video in 3 steps!

1. Login to your Dailymotion account.

2. Upload your video with the classic upload process on Dailymotion.

3. Fill-in the pay criteria in the upload page and save.

If you want to create a monthly subscription to your account, just indicate to us the price and we will create the offer for you. Each time you upload a video, you can add it to your subscription.

Please note that we can also implement an automatic ingestion of your videos. Contact us for more details at openvod@dailymotion.com

What is the business model?

We share the revenues of the net revenues excluding taxes. There is no extra cost; everything is included within the share: storage, bandwidth, payment solution, reports, embed...

I'm already a Dailymotion Official User, how can I join OpenVoD?

You'll simply have to sign an amendment to your Official User Form to be part of OpenVoD. You can choose to upload your pay videos on your existing account or to create a new account specifically for the pay business.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the best solution for your case: openvod@dailymotion.com

I'm new to Dailymotion, how can I join OpenVoD?

You'll simply have to open an account and become an Official User using this link: http://www.dailymotion.com/fr/content/official. Please note that an Official User must have the rights of his videos.

When this is done, contact us at openvod@dailymotion.com and we will sign an amendment for OpenVoD which will allow you to sell your videos.

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