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Online Op-Eds

Periodically, we publish op-eds covering all aspects of software -- from design issues to industry insights -- on our web site. If you have questions or comments, or are interested in contributing a piece, send e-mail to eekim@ddj.com.

These op/eds do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author's employer or of Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Past Articles

Why Is There a CPAN but No CCAN?
By S. Balamurugan, November 18, 1998
Just What Is Superior Technology?
By Gene Callahan, November 4, 1998
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Reusable
By Lou Grinzo, September 23, 1998
Building Homes and Building Software
By Gene Callahan, August 19, 1998
Windows DLLs: Threat or Menace?
By Tim Pfeiffer, June 24, 1998
Apple Crawls Out of the Hole
By Michael Swaine, June 10, 1998
So Much OO, So Little Reuse
By Lawrence Finch, May 7, 1998
Windows CE: Present and Future
By Michael E. Fitzpatrick, April 22, 1998
Winnowing and Chaffing
By Bruce Schneier, April 9, 1998
Report: The ISO C++ Committee Meeting
By Reginald B. Charney, March 13, 1998
The Senate and Bill Gates
By Al Stevens, March 9, 1998
The Secret Story of Nonsecret Encryption
By Bruce Schneier, February 18, 1998
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems -- Ready for Prime Time
By Alfred Menezes, January 7, 1998


On Brushing One's Teeth
By Gregory V. Wilson, December 17, 1997
Java Is Good For Microsoft
By Tim Kientzle, December 1, 1997
A C++ Standard At Last
By Al Stevens, November 18, 1997
End Of Year Trivia Quiz
By Michael Swaine, November 3, 1997
Help! I Think I May Have Bought An NC!
By Erich Ringewald, October 14, 1997
Is The Web An Enemy Or Friend Of Hobby Radio
By Harry Helms, September 15, 1997
Patent Legislation Considered Helpful
By Mark R. Nelson, September 2, 1997
User Interface: A Means To An End
By T.V. Raman, August 18, 1997
Tufte On Visualizing Information
By Eugene Eric Kim, August 5, 1997
Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks
By Bruce Schneier, July 14, 1997
An Homage To Gary Kildall
By Scott Kildall, July 1, 1997
The Chronology Of Dan-0411
By Robert Collins, June 15, 1997

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