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DFAIT's SD Strategy Progress Report to May 1998

Table of Contents

Objective 1: SD & Economic Growth and Prosperity

New technologies in development [1A.1]
Canadian International Information Strategy (CIIS) [1A.2]
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) [1A.3]
Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) [1A.4]
Arctic Council [1A.5]
Organization of American States (OAS) [1A.6]
International development [1B.1]
Multilateral development institutions [1B.2]
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [1B.3]
Marine pollution [1C.1]
Freshwater [1C.2]
Forests [1C.3]
PIC - chemicals across borders [1D.1]
Persistent organic pollutants (POPS) - Europe and North America[1D.2]
Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)- global [1D.3]
Climate change [1D.4]
Montreal Protocol [1D.5]
Biosafety and biodiversity [1D.6]
Trade in environmental technology [1E.1]
Export credits group [1E.2]

Objective 2: SD & Building Peace and Security

Peacebuilding [2A.1]
Landmines [2A.2]
Military spending [2A.3]
UN humanitarian crisis response [2A.4]
International security organizations [2B.1]
Arms control [2C.1]
Nuclear safety [2C.2]

Objective 3: SD & Projecting Canadian Values and Culture

UN institutional reform [3A.1]
Aboriginal focus [3A.2]
Global environment facility [3A.3]
Hazardous waste [3A.4]
Human rights [3A.5]
Women [3A.6]
Rio Agenda 21 [3B.1]
International SD agreements [3B.2]
Green business standards [3C.1]
Canadian studies programme [3D.2]
Academic exchanges [3D.2]
Youth exchanges [3D.3]

Objective 4: SD & Greening Operations

Budget and Planning [4A.1]
Grants and subsidies barriers study [4A.2]
Mission Operations [4A.3]
Passport information [4A.4]
Conservation practices [4B.1]
Green procurement [4B.2]
Green Audit [4C.1]
Environmental assessment forms [4C.2]
Policy assessment [4C.3]
Environmental Management System [4C.4]
SD Task Force [4D.1]
Internal Feedback [4D.2]
Policy-maker awareness [4D.3]
Training [4D.4]
SD expertise [4D.5]
Best practices [4D.6]

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