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Daily Dispatch E-mail Contact List
In order to facilitate the smooth flow of communication, the following e-mail contact list has been set up.
The various departments in the building can be e-mailed via this page. Departments and their functions are outlined.
Click on the link of the department with which you wish to liaise.

Letters to the editor - make yourself heard and air your view.
The Chiel editor - submit your jokes and annecdotes to the Chiel.
Press releases - have a tip-off? Some newsworthy information?
The Motoring editor - submit your motoring correspondence.
Business Editor - articles and news relating to business, particularly in the Eastern Cape.
Features Editor - news of an event, entertainment etc.
Reporters' e-mail/general - if you need to get hold of a particular staff member or have a general query.
Library - needing to do some research? Seen a photograph that you want? Get both here.

Classified - if you have a question about classified advertising in the Dispatch.
Retail - if you have a question about retail advertising in the Daily Dispatch.
Internet - if you want to advertise on Dispatch Online or any of its affiliated sites.

Subscribe Online - if you want to renew you subscription of take out a new subscription to the Daily Dispatch.

Feedback - tell us what you think of our site and tell us how you think we can make it better.
Queries - if you have any questions about the Dispatch site or difficulties using some of the features.
Online Calendar - if you want to publicize an event, plan your week or check for event clashes.