My name is Dustin Diaz. Runner, and President at Agent. Previously: Software Engineer at Yahoo, Google, and early employee at Twitter. Co-founding Engineer at Medium. Architect at Change.org. And Cofounder of Mix.com.

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JavaScript Design Patterns

JavaScript is a hugely popular language for adding dynamic functionality to web pages, and it is possible to use design patterns within JavaScript to further improve your code - they can improve efficiency, cut down on repetition, and provide useful frameworks to build code on top of. This book (the only one available covering JavaScript design patterns thoroughly) gives web developers all they know to start using design patterns in their JavaScripting, including several real world examples for them to learn from.

This is Strobist® Info

In 2009, I began a “365 project,” the goal of which is to shoot and share one picture per day for a year. I shared both the final image and the behind-the-scenes setup shot for that image, allowing the viewer to see how the shot was arranged. I also included information about exposure, flash power, distance, and light modifiers. The project was a huge hit that attracted thousands of followers