About Edgewall

A portrait of Edgewall

A small, highly skilled team. Great dedication. An unrelenting conviction that close collaboration, low ceremony and awareness of aesthetics result in creative, high quality solutions for important and business critical software.

— The essence of Edgewall.

Our Brief History

Long-time experience in software development, withstanding participation in the open source community and a desire to create a different, more creative, software company. This is what led software developers Daniel Lundin and Jonas Borgström to found Edgewall Software in the fall of 2003.

Edgewall provides innovative, high quality products and professional services for the web and internet. We base our work largely on open source components, operating systems and frameworks.

Our products, supporting our mission as software innovators, consist primarily of software toolkits and libraries, development tools and supporting applications.

Edgewall offers commercial support for all its products and strives to give back to the community through its commitment to open source software.

”A beautifully designed airplane will fly the same way.”
— Kelly Johnson, Director and Father of Lockheed Skunk Works