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   14 Sep 08
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An International Weekly Journal

Impact Factor 2005: 4.223

Editor-in-Chief: C. Bertout
Letters Editor-in-Chief: M. Walmsley

ISSN (print edition): 0004-6361
ISSN (electronic edition): 1432-0746
Frequency: Four Times per Month


Prior to 2001, A&A was published as A&A Main Journal (Springer Verlag, 1969-2000) and A&A Supplement Series (EDP Sciences, 1980-2000).

© The European Southern Observatory (ESO)

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2005 Impact Factor: 4.223 with 68577 quotations.

A&A; Official Sponsor of the Astronomy 2006 - IAU XXVIth General Assembly

EDP Sciences Contributing Sponsor of LISA V & Generous Donor to Friends of LISA V

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Press Releases:
A "genetic study" of the galaxy (12 September 2006)
ESO Press Release
A&A; article
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New: Introducing structured abstracts for A&A; articles
See Editorial (441, E3-E6 (2005))

New: LaTeX2e v6.0 class for Astronomy & Astrophysics (Sept. 2005)
A&A; macro package

New A&A; memberships and scientific editorial structure for the Letters section and New Associate Editor positions: see Letter from the Board of Directors (July 2005)

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A&A; (2002)
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New (2004)
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New policy concerning expanded European and non-European A&A; memberships: see Letter from the Board of Directors (October 2004)

Editorship and peer-review at A&A; (June 2004): see Editorial

The A&A; experience with impact factors (March 2004)
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Remark on Impact factor (Apr. 03): see announcement

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