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About the European Food Safety Authority

The Regulation which will provide the legal basis for the establishment of the European Food Safety Authority was adopted on 21st January 2002 and thus paves the way for the Authority to start its operation as early as possible in 2002.

The primary responsibility of the Authority will be to provide independent scientific advice on all matters with a direct or indirect impact on food safety.

The Authority has been given a wide brief, so that it can cover all stages of food production and supply, from primary production to the safety of animal feed, right through to the supply of food to consumers. It will gather information from all parts of the globe, keeping an eye on new developments in science.

It will share its findings and listen to the views of others through a vast network that will be developed over time, as well as interacting with experts and decision-makers on many levels. A key task of the Authority will be to communicate directly with the public on its areas of responsibility.

Although the Authority's main "customer" will be the Commission, it will be open to respond to scientific questions from the European Parliament and the Member States and it can also initiate risk assessments on its own behalf.

The Authority will carry out assessments of risks to the food chain and indeed can carry out scientific assessment on any matter that may have a direct or indirect effect on the safety of the food supply, including matters relating to animal health, animal welfare and plant health.

The Authority will also give scientific advice on non-food and feed GMOs, and on nutrition in relation to Community legislation.

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╗Making the European Food Safety Authority Operational

╗Legal Status of the European Food Safety Authority

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╗Scope of the European Food Safety Authority

╗The Primary Components of the European Food Safety Authority

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╗The Road to an operational European Food Safety Authority


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