European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Article 36 Cooperation

EFSA aims to deliver the best science at the right time and in the most appropriate manner. This can only be achieved through effective pooling of the wide scientific excellence available in Europe. The strategy on cooperation signed by the Advisory Forum and recently adopted by EFSA Management Board (MB) is a clear indication of the commitment existing in Member States towards increased cooperation.

To this end, in line with Article 36 of its founding Regulation, and the Authority’s priority of enhanced cooperation and networking in Europe, a list of competent organisations capable of assisting EFSA in its tasks has been agreed by its MB. The list was drawn up on the basis of nominations made by the Member States and can be considered the first practical tool for the implementation of the strategy on cooperation.

Competent organisations on this list are now able to undertake work on behalf of EFSA. This will be in areas such as:
  • collecting data;
  • other preparatory work for the development of scientific opinions;
  • other scientific and technical support, for example linked to emerging issues and crisis situations.
EFSA may decide to allocate financial support for tasks entrusted to the organisations.
Given that organisations evolve and scientific needs may change to respond to developments in the scientific field as well as to reflect the policy environment, this will be a living list, subject to additions and alterations as required. It will therefore be regularly updated. EFSA will also publish details of the projects and grants that are allocated to these organisations.
Not every organisation on this list will necessarily undertake work on behalf of EFSA.  They are simply approved for such tasks in principle and some may be specifically tasked by the Authority following calls for proposals. Similarly organisations not currently on the list may be added in future.
The approval of this list will enable EFSA to use a wider spectrum of scientific excellence in Europe. This will help EFSA respond more effectively and flexibly to its growing workload, particularly in cases of emerging and crisis situations where unexpected and urgent work is required. Strong collaboration among Member States and EFSA is key to the overall success and effectiveness of the European food safety system, and ultimately to increased consumer protection and confidence.

List of competent organisations designated by the member states which may assist the authority

Letter to all Permanent Representations of EU Member States