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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Article 36 Cooperation
One of EFSA’s priorities is enhanced cooperation and networking in Europe. In line with Article 36 of the Founding Regulation and its implementing rules, a list of organisations capable of assisting EFSA in its tasks was approved by EFSA’s Management Board in December 2006. The list is based on nominations made by Member States. It is an important practical tool for the implementation of the strategy for cooperation and networking with the Member States.

Since organisations evolve, and needs may change in response to scientific and policy developments, this is a living list, subject to additions and alterations. To this end, EFSA initiated the process of updating the list of competent organisations in July 2008.

Competent organisations on this list are approved in principle to undertake work on behalf of EFSA. It does not mean that all organisations will necessarily undertake such work. Work will be performed in areas such as:
  • Data collection.
  • Other preparatory work for the development of scientific opinions.
  • Other scientific and technical support.

Based on details in the Annual Work Programme, EFSA may decide to allocate financial support for tasks entrusted to these organisations in the form of grants, through calls for proposals.

Networking with these competent organisations, enables EFSA to use a wider spectrum of scientific excellence in Europe. This helps EFSA respond more effectively and flexibly to its growing workload.

List of competent organisations application/pdf (0.1Mb)

Letter sent to MS to initiate the process of updating the list of competent organisations application/pdf (0.1Mb)