Autorité européenne de sécurité des aliments (EFSA)

Autorité européenne de sécurité des aliments (EFSA)
Plan annuel de gestion

Management Plan of the European Food Safety Authority for the Year 2007

Management Plan for the Year 2007


EFSA is in a period of growth and consolidation. Since its inception in 2002 EFSA has put in place most of its main tasks and missions as determined by its Founding Regulation1 and continues to build and consolidate. The EU food and feed safety policy environments have evolved since 2002. While food and feed safety are at the core of these policies, more emphasis is being placed on the areas of diet and nutrition and their relation to health and on animal and plant health and animal welfare. As a Community Body EFSA has to reflect this policy environment while still following the legal responsibilities placed upon it.

Date de publication: 14/02/2007
Dernière mise à jour: 14/02/2007