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Last updated: 10 August 2006    
Publication Date: 24 February 2004    

All contracts awarded by the European Food Safety Authority follow a strict tendering procedure. Rules governing EFSA procurement are based on a wide range of provisions of European Community legislation.

The Authority must put contracts – for services, goods, works or for the purchase or rental of a building – out to tender before concluding them. These invitations to tender satisfy the principles of sound financial management, equal access to suppliers and ensure transparency. Officers preparing contracts must define their characteristics, calculate their total expenditure and specify their duration. This process enables identification of the applicable tendering procedure – open, restricted or negotiated.

Tender documents include at least the terms of reference, a letter of invitation to tender, and a draft contract. Rules also govern the sending, receipt, opening and assessing of these documents, as well as the awarding of the public procurement contract.

“Specialized Assistance for two critical EFSA IT Infrastructure Components”
17/08/2006 Opening Session- second part

Due to the late arrival by post of one tender, a second session of the opening will be held on the 17/08/2006 at 15.00h. in EFSA premises in Parma.
A representative of each tenderer, duly mandated, is allowed to attend this opening. If tenderers wish to be present, they shall inform the EFSA services by fax not later than three days before the opening date, to the fax number 0039.0521.036598