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About EFSA   
About EFSA
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European Food Safety Authority: dedicated to scientific excellence, independence, openness and transparency

EFSA was established by the European Parliament in 2002 following a series of food scares in the 1990s (BSE, dioxins….) which undermined consumer confidence in the safety of the food chain.

EFSA’s two main areas of work are: Risk Assessment and Risk Communication. Risk management measures and the operation of food control systems are not within EFSA’s remit and remain the responsibility of the European Commission and Member States.

Risk Assessment

EFSA’s Scientific Committee, its Scientific Expert Panels and other expert groups provide risk assessments on all matters linked to food and feed safety, including animal health and welfare and plant protection. EFSA’s Scientific Expert Panels provide the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States with a sound scientific basis on which to base legislation and policies related to food and feed safety. The Authority is also consulted on nutritional issues in relation to Community legislation.

Risk Communication

EFSA is committed to ensuring that all interested parties and the public at large receive timely, reliable, objective and meaningful information based on the risk assessments and scientific expertise of its Scientific Committee and Expert Panels.

Communicating its own initiatives and ensuring collaboration and coherence across the Member States are crucial to maintaining consumer confidence in the risk assessment process.

EFSA timeline
  • January 28 2002: EFSA legally established by a European Parliament and Council Regulation

  • May 2003: Scientific Expert panels established

  • July 2003: First scientific risk assessment adopted

  • July 2005: Inauguration of EFSA’s official seat in Parma (see the press release)

  • October 2005: EFSA completes its transfer to Parma, Italy and closes headquarters in Brussels

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