Who we are

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is an independent European agency funded by the EU budget that operates separately from the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States.

EFSA Management Board
EFSA is governed by an independent Management Board whose members are appointed to act in the public interest and do not represent any government, organisation or sector. The 15-member Board sets EFSA’s budget, approves the annual work programme and is responsible for ensuring that EFSA works effectively and co-operates successfully with partner organisations across the EU and beyond.

Executive Director
EFSA’s Executive Director, currently Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle (appointed in July 2006 for a five year term), is the legal representative of the Authority. She is responsible for all operational matters, staffing issues and drawing up the annual work programme in consultation with the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States

EFSA Science
EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels are composed of highly qualified experts in scientific risk assessment. All members are appointed through an open selection procedure on the basis of proven scientific excellence, including experience in risk assessment and peer-reviewing scientific work and publications.

Supported by the Risk Assessment directorate and the SCAF unit, EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels carry out risk assessment work in their respective specialised fields, as follows: 

In addition, the Scientific Co-operation and Assistance (SCA) directorate manages projects in the areas of:

This directorate also supports two structures dealing with specific risk issues and directly involving experts from Member States: