About us

The work of ANS Panel concerns:

  • Food additives
  • Nutrient sources added to food (e.g. sources of vitamins and minerals)
  • Associated subjects concerning the safety of other deliberately added substances, including substances added for purposes other than technological ones, e.g. with functional properties, but excluding flavourings and enzymes

The Panel carries out risk assessments in order to produce scientific opinions and advice for risk managers. Its risk assessment work is based on reviewing scientific information and data, mainly submitted by applicants, in order to evaluate the safety of use of the substances or processes in question. This provides a sound foundation for European policies and legislation, and supports risk managers in taking effective and timely decisions.

Most of the Panel’s work is carried out in the context of authorisation procedures, since it deals mainly with regulated substances, which must be evaluated by EFSA before their usage within the EU can be authorised.

How we work

The Panel is committed to work independently, openly and transparently and to deliver timely scientific advice of the highest standards as a support to the policies and decisions of risk managers.

The Panel carries out its work in response to requests for scientific advice from risk managers or out of its own initiative. Most commonly, the European Commission asks EFSA to provide scientific advice on a specific issue. Requests often take place in the context of authorisation procedures, whereby the European Commission asks EFSA to evaluate the safety of a given substance in response to a company application. The Commission also asks EFSA to review the safety of specific substances in the light of new scientific information and/or changing conditions.