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Aspartame Aspartame

Aspartame is a low-calorie, intense sweetener. It is a white, odourless powder, approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar

Food Additives Food Additives

Food additives are substances added intentionally to foodstuffs to perform certain technological functions, for example to colour, to sweeten or to preserve. The additives that you are most likely to come across on food labels are antioxidants, colours, emulsifiers, stabilisers, gelling agents and thickeners, flavour enhancers, preservatives and sweeteners. In Europe food additives are labelled on food packaging by an E number (such as E415) or by their chemical name.

Food supplements Food supplements

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet. Food supplements are marketed 'in dose' form, for example as pills, tablets, capsules or liquids in measured doses etc. Supplements may be used to correct nutritional deficiencies or maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients. However, in some cases excessive intake of vitamins and minerals may be harmful or cause unwanted side effects; therefore, maximum levels are necessary to ensure their safe use in food supplements.