Scientific Documents

In this section you can find the main scientific outputs of the BIOHAZ Panel and supporting BIOHAZ Unit. Read more about the definitions of EFSA scientific outputs .

BIOHAZ’ scientific outputs include the BSE/TSE Scientific reports. These reports address specific requests for scientific advice from risk managers, assess the Geographical BSE Risk in countries around the world and evaluate the results of the EU-level testing programme to detect BSE/TSE in European ruminant populations

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Scientific Opinion on Analytical sensitivity of approved TSE rapid tests

Published: 18 December 2009  Adopted: 10 December 2009

Joint Opinion on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) focused on zoonotic infections

Published: 16 November 2009  Adopted: 28 October 2009

Scientific Opinion on BSE Risk in Bovine Intestines

Published: 22 September 2009  Adopted: 10 September 2009

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