Management Board


All Management Board meetings are open to the public and can be watched live over the Internet in four languages. All of the Board’s documents are also posted on the web prior to meetings. A video recording of the meeting is also posted online on the EFSA website. This approach is in line with the Authority’s commitment to openness and transparency.

Established in 2002, the EFSA Management Board ensures that the Authority functions effectively and efficiently, delivers its mandate as defined in the founding Regulation and meets the expectations of European and national institutions, stakeholders and the public. The Board’s function and role have evolved since the Authority became operational in 2002, shifting from an initial focus on the adoption of rules and procedures to its current emphasis on evolving EFSA’s strategy and future direction. The Board meets several times a year. Its key tasks are:

  • to establish the budget and work programmes and monitor their implementation;
  • to appoint the Executive Director and members of the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panels.

Other more general tasks include:

  • ensuring that EFSA’s priorities are in line with its mandate and key missions and that adequate time is given by EFSA to so-called “self-tasking”. ‘Self-tasking’ occurs when EFSA, during the course of its regular work, identifies a particular issue which it believes requires further analysis and research;
  • meeting legal requirements and that EFSA meets deadlines for scientific opinions as far as possible;
  • ensuring appropriate financial management and accountability.

The Board’s decisions are taken by a majority of its members.