EMRISK Requests and mandates

EFSA receives requests for scientific advice or scientific and technical support mainly from the European Commission. The European Parliament and the Member States can also request scientific advice from EFSA. In addition EFSA undertakes scientific work on its own initiative.

The requestor sends a request letter to EFSA which outlines what is being asked of EFSA such as the background for the question put to EFSA, the terms of reference and the timeframe for the delivery of the output.

Upon receipt of a request, EFSA considers its contents. EFSA’s Mandates Review Committee screens all requests sent to EFSA on a weekly basis considering the type of scientific output required and allocating the requests to a Scientific Panel, the Scientific Committee or to EFSA Units. The request is discussed with the requestor in order to reach a common understanding of what is expected and to address any issues that need clarifying. Following these discussions, EFSA sends an acceptance letter, which includes, if necessary, the final agreed terms of reference and a mutually agreed deadline.

A request for scientific advice results in the delivery of a scientific output by one of EFSA’s Scientific Panels, its Scientific Committee or one or more EFSA Units.

Register of Questions database

EFSA's Register of Questions database on the website provides information on the state of play of each mandate as it passes from its acceptance by EFSA to completion of the final output. When a request is accepted, EFSA’s secretariat publishes the available details and correspondence in the Register and assigns it an official question number. All mandates accepted by EFSA are made available in the Register as well as information on the scientific work EFSA undertakes on its own initiative.

All final scientific outputs based on the accepted mandates are published on the EFSA website.

Access the Register of Questions database