Pre-accession programme 2008

The 2008 programme focused on in-depth workshops and seminars in the various areas of EFSA’s expertise. The aim is to enable competent authorities in beneficiary countries to better understand the basic elements of the EU food safety system and gain insight into the work of EFSA in order to integrate efficiently into its activities post-accession.

Topics were chosen after meetings between the EFSA Pre-Accession Programme Steering Committee and the Turkish, Croatian and Macedonian authorities and stakeholders. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia benefited from this programme for the first time while Turkey and Croatia already took part in EFSA’s Pre-Accession Programme 2006-2007.

Speakers from EU institutions and Member States were involved in seminars where relevant to provide information on developments in individual countries and share views on topics of interest.

List of 2008 seminars (0.1 Mb)