European Conference: EFSA and GMO risk assessment for Human and Animal Health and the Environment - 14-15 September 2009

Brussels , 14 September 2009

On 14-15 September 2009, EFSA is organising a conference on the risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for human and animal health and the environment.

The aim of the conference is to share knowledge and current best practices in the risk assessment of GMOs. The conference will bring together key European actors in the field of GMOs in order to enhance the understanding of the role of risk assessors in the authorisation process and provide a platform for EFSA to exchange views with the Member States, stakeholders and other participants. Experts in GM risk assessment, representatives from risk assessment authorities in the EU and beyond, EU risk managers, and stakeholders from consumer groups, industry and non-governmental organisations have been invited to the conference.

EFSA is tasked with providing a robust scientific basis for decision makers to help protect consumers from risks in the food chain in Europe. In the field of GMOs, EFSA serves the European Union mainly by providing independent scientific risk assessments on new GMO applications and renewals of existing authorisations for the use of GMOs in the EU. The Authority has developed a range of Guidance Documents to describe its approach to risk assessments, define data requirements for applicants and generally provide guidance on the application process. In delivering its scientific advice, EFSA pursues an active policy of consultation with stakeholders and interested parties.

Conference report

Speech of EFSA's Executive Director Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle

Day 1: Assessing the risks for human and animal health and the environment

Day 2: The impact of GM crop cultivation on the environment