Technical meeting with Member States on guidance for environmental risk assessment of GM plants

Berlin , 17 June 2010

Following public consultations on the draft Guidance document on the environmental risk assessment (ERA) of genetically modified (GM) plants and the draft Scientific Opinion on non-target organisms (NTO), EFSA is now organising a further technical meeting on these documents. In line with the mandate of the European Commission, highlighting simultaneous and open consultation with Member States, the meeting will bring together experts in the field of the environmental risk assessment of GM plants from both Member States competent authorities and EFSA’s Panel on Genetically modified organisms (GMO Panel) and its Working Groups.

In June 2009, during the preparation of these documents, EFSA already organised a series of technical discussions with several stakeholders - applicants, Member States, environmental organisations and non-governmental organisations - to exchange views on the scientific issues and various aspects of the documents.

The meeting on 17 June 2010 in Berlin aims at further discussing and clarifying scientific comments submitted by the Member States during the public consultations of these documents. Experts from EFSA’s GMO Panel and its Working Groups will present the different sections of the Guidance Document and the Scientific Opinion, followed by Member States representatives wishing to introduce and further elaborate on specific comments submitted during the public consultations.

The scientific discussions will further inform EFSA’s GMO Panel and its Working Groups, and contribute to the finalisation of these documents. The GMO Panel expects to complete this work in November 2010.

The meeting on 17 June 2010 can be viewed live from EFSA’s homepage. All supporting documents to this meeting are also published. A written report and a video recording of the meeting will be published on the EFSA website after the meeting.

Meeting documents

Further information on the public consultation of the documents

Prior meetings with stakeholders

  • Stakeholder consultation workshop with applicants - 16 June 2009
  • Stakeholder consultation workshop with Member States representatives - 17 June 2009
  • Stakeholder consultation workshop with Environmental Institutes and Organisations - 18 June 2009
  • Reports from the stakeholder workshops
    (see section “Question documents” in the Register of Questions)

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