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First Announcement for the Workshop on Protection Goals for Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides

Parma , 15 April 2010

Stakeholder Consultation-Workshop of EFSA’s PPR Working Group Ecotoxicological Effects


EFSA’s Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR) received early 2009 the mandates for the revision of the Guidance Documents (GDs) Aquatic Ecotoxicology SANCO/3268/2001 and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology SANCO/10329/2002.

Related to the revision of the above mentioned GDs, the PPR Panel was asked to prepare and adopt a scientific opinion on protection goal options for environmental risk assessment (ERA) of pesticides and to consult risk managers and stakeholders. The present workshop is addressed to stakeholders in general.

General protection goals are stated in the relevant EU legislation. However, these are defined with different levels of detail for different elements and some issues are not specifically described. In order to develop a risk assessment methodology, specific protection goals for the respective environmental compartments need to be identified and defined. This should be done in an early step of the process as it will smooth and improve the efficiency of the update of the respective risk assessment GDs. The EFSA Working Group (WG) Ecotoxicological Effects is working in this context since beginning of 2009.

Objectives of the meeting

The workshop aims at collecting feedback from EFSA’s stakeholders (Member States, agrochemical industry representatives, consulting companies, growers’ associations and others) during the work process. The workshop programme will comprise on the first day an information session to update the audience on the ongoing developments before participants will work in break-out groups on specific topics. The second workshop day will be dedicated to presenting and discussing the outcome of the break-out groups and to collect additional stakeholder views in a plenary discussion.

The intention is to publish a report on the EFSA webpage after the meeting, compiling the collected stakeholder views.

Who should attend?
The meeting is open to all parties with an interest in risk assessment and more detailed definition of protection goals for aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, such as competent authorities of the Member States, agrochemical industry representatives, consulting companies, academia and others. Since the foreseen number of participants is limited to around 60, experts interested in participating are invited to pre-register within 20th January 2010. In the registration form, experts are asked to provide information on there expertise in risk assessment (exposure and/or effects) with particular organism groups, trait approaches and functional groups, experience with defining protection goals and with ecosystem services as well as other related fields such as e.g. population biology. If there are more pre-registrations than free places, participants will be selected based on their expertise and to ensure a balance of representation of different MS and organisations.

An online registration form is provided here. After the registration closing date, invitations with more detailed information on the meeting will be sent out. The attendance in the workshop will be free of participation fees.

Official language
English will be the official language. No translations will be provided.

Date and venue

The workshop will be held on 15 and 16 April 2010 in Parma (15 April 9:00-18:00 and 16 April 9:00-14:00).

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
PPR unit – Protection Goal workshop
Largo N. Palli 5/A, 43121 Parma

For more information, please consult also the Scientific report of the PPR Unit on the Outcome of the Public Consultation on the existing Guidance Documents on Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology under Directive 91/414/EC1 on the outcome of the Public consultation of the Scientific Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR) on the existing Guidance Documents for Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology under Council Directive 91/414/EEC. (held Oct-Dec 2008).

More information on the PPR Panel can be found here