About us

The FEEDAP Panel provides independent scientific advice on the safety and/or efficacy of additives and products or substances used in animal feed. The Panel evaluates their safety and/or efficacy for the target species, the user, the consumer of products of animal origin and the environment. It also looks at the efficacy of biological and chemical products/substances intended for deliberate use in animal feed.

The Panel carries out risk assessments in order to produce scientific opinions and advice for risk managers, which provides a sound foundation for European policies and legislation and supports risk managers in taking effective and timely decisions.

The Panel performs much of its work in the context of specific authorisation procedures relating to substances which must be evaluated by EFSA before they can be authorised for use in the EU.

How we work

The FEEDAP Panel works independently, openly and transparently to deliver timely scientific advice of the highest standards to support the policies and decisions of risk managers.

The Panel carries out its work either in response to requests for scientific advice from risk managers or on its own initiative. Most commonly, and following specific authorisation procedures, the European Commission asks EFSA to provide scientific advice and evaluate the safety and/or efficacy of a given substance in the context of its authorisation for use in the EU.

The scientific assessment performed by the Panel is based on Terms of Reference provided by the European Commission or other European bodies or determined by self-tasking. These guide the Panel approach to each question.

The Panel sets up Working Groups involving external scientists with relevant expertise to focus on specific matters and carry out scientific assessments in view of producing scientific opinions. The Panel members meet regularly in plenary sessions to discuss the work in progress and adopt finalised scientific opinions. Each opinion adopted is the result of a collective decision-making process in which every Panel member has an equal say.