EFSA Traineeship

Call for applications for an in-service training period at the European Food Safety Authority

The deadline for applications for an in-service training period at the European Food Safety Authority expired on 24/08/2009.

The selection process is currently ongoing.

Please be informed that only selected candidates will be contacted by EFSA anytime up until the end of December according to the need of the relevant Units.

A new call is planned to be published early 2010.

In-service training is a period spent at the European Food Safety Authority, in accordance with the rules set out in the Decision of the Executive Director of the European Food Safety Authority on the acceptance of trainees for an in-service training period. In-service training enables trainees to acquire practical experience by means of their work and to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their academic studies or professional careers in the areas of science, communication or administration.

From the publication of this call, EFSA envisages a maximum of 16 trainees.

In-service training takes place within the fields of activity of the European Food Safety Authority. Detailed information related to the activities and structure of the European Food Safety Authority can be found by visiting the EFSA website at http://www.efsa.europa.eu

The call is open to trainees from all EU Member States and Acceding countries. The duration is normally five months.

Trainees will be awarded a grant of € 1.047,55 per month for traineeship periods starting in 2009.

You should carefully read the admission requirements contained in the above-mentioned Decision before applying. These requirements must be fulfilled by the deadline set for sending in your application.

Candidates should complete and sign the in-service training application form and send it, in pdf format or equivalent, to the following e-mail address: Traineeships@efsa.europa.eu

Decision on the acceptance of trainees(1.3Mb)

EFSA Organisational Chart (0.1Mb)

In-service training application form(0.2Mb)