Advisory Forum

EFSA’s Advisory Forum connects EFSA with the national food safety authorities of all 27 EU Member States. Its members represent each national body responsible for risk assessment in the EU, with observers from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and the European Commission. It is chaired by EFSA’s Executive Director. The Forum is at the heart of EFSA’s collaborative approach to working with the EU Member States. Through it, EFSA and the Member States can join forces in addressing European risk assessment and risk communications issues. Members use the Forum to advise EFSA on scientific matters, its work programme and priorities, and to address emerging risk issues as early as possible. Members are currently implementing a strategy for closer networking which focuses on sharing scientific information, pooling resources and co-ordinating work programmes. They have committed to: ·

  • Exchange scientific data;
  • Co-ordinate risk communications activities and messages;
  • Address contentious issues and diverging opinions;
  • Set up working groups to focus collectively on specific issues;
  • Co-ordinate work and avoid duplication.

The Forum also helps national authorities share information and co-ordinate activities between themselves.

See EFSA's Strategy for Cooperation and Networking with Member States.


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