Focal Points

Focal Points act as the interface between EFSA and national food safety authorities in the EU Member States. They support the Advisory Forum members in the implementation of joint projects between Member States and EFSA.

Focal Points ensure the exchange of scientific information among competent authorities in Member States and between Member States and EFSA. They provide advice on joint projects, such as the Expert Database and cooperation with competent organisations under Article 36 of EFSA’s Founding Regulation. They also assist in raising EFSA’s scientific visibility and outreach in Member States.

EFSA exchanges information with Focal Points on a regular basis and usually meets with them three times per year. The meetings are chaired by EFSA, and are also attended by observers from Norway, Switzerland and the EU candidate countries.

The foundation of the Focal Point network was initiated with the signature of the Declaration of Intent by members of the Advisory Forum, which took place in 2006, and was endorsed in the Strategy for Cooperation and Networking in the same year.

Thanks to its efforts, this newly-established European network has substantially contributed to the improvement of scientific cooperation and networking activities. Focal Points regularly report to EFSA on their activities and their feedback is reflected in an annual Focal Point Report.