'EFSAnews' is a quarterly publication featuring a round-up of the main scientific and corporate developments in EFSA.

EFSAnews - Issue 21

  • EU Health Commissioner returns to EFSA
  • EFSA’s Management Board backs cooperation plans with Member States, renews Stakeholder Platform
  • EFSA offers guidance on assessing the safety of botanicals
  • EFSA’s first report on pesticide residues in food finds most samples legally compliant
  • The European Consumers’ Association visits EFSA
  • EFSA meets Swedish risk managers and assessors
  • EFSA in Slovenia explains its role in assessing risks from farm to fork
  • EFSA and Austrian food safety
  • New Zealand Food Safety Authority comes to EFSA
  • Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality visits EFSA
  • EFSA and the European Commission initiated closer cooperation with European Neighbourhood Policy countries
  • EFSA issues advice on marine biotoxins
  • EFSA offers guidance on food contact materials and food enzymes
  • EFSA and GMOs: advice and open dialogue
  • EFSA advises on the welfare of dairy cows
  • European public health agencies evaluate MRSA in livestock, pets and foods
  • EFSA promotes alternatives to animal testing

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