In focus - Plants

'EFSA in focus: Plants' features EFSA’s latest scientific activities in the areas ofplant health, GMOs, and plant protection products.

EFSA in focus: Plants - Issue 5

  • EFSA publishes its first report on pesticide residues in food
  • EFSA experts aim to harmonise GMO data analysis
  • Public health effects of increasing total aflatoxin levels for some nuts
  • EFSA evaluates antibiotic resistance marker genes in GM plants
  • EFSA takes forward work on cumulative effects of pesticides
  • GM plants used for non-food or non-feed purposes – EFSA specifies requirements for safety assessment
  • Introducing the benchmark dose approach - a more sophisticated choice for deriving health-based guidance values?
  • Technical meeting on the risk assessment of maize MON810 for authorisation renewal
  • EFSA and NGOs meet in Parma to discuss GMOs
  • The European Consumers’ Association (BEUC) visits EFSA 6
  • Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality visits EFSA
  • EFSA holds two-day conference to debate GMO risk assessment
  • Call for proposals to review pest risk assessment approaches across Europe
  • EFSA launches project to predict the effect of climate change on aflatoxin B1 in cereals
  • EFSA consults on its guidance document to perform pest risk assessments and to evaluate pest risk management options
  • EFSA proposes new acute risk assessment for pesticides
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