Panels & Units

EFSA’s Scientific Panels are composed of independent experts. They are responsible for EFSA’s risk assessment work including delivering scientific opinions. Each Panel is responsible for a different area of the food chain, with their work coordinated by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Panels are supported by EFSA staff working in EFSA's two science directorates.

Risk assessment

The Risk assessment directorate provides direct secretariat support to the Scientific Panels. Each Panel is supported by a unit composed of EFSA staff. These units may produce scientific outputs on behalf of EFSA, for instance in response to urgent requests for scientific advice.

AHAW Animal health and welfare
ANS Food additives and nutrient sources added to food
BIOHAZ Biological hazards
CEF Food contact materials, enzymes, flavourings and processing aids
CONTAM Contaminants in the food chain
FEEDAP Additives and products or substances used in animal feed
GMO Genetically Modified Organisms
NDA Dietetic products, nutrition and allergies
PLH Plant health
PPR Plant protection products and their residues
SC Scientific Committee
AFC Former Panel on additives, flavourings, processing aids and materials in contact with food

Scientific Cooperation and Assistance

The Scientific Cooperation and Assistance directorate provides horizontal support to the Panels, including in the areas of data collection, exposure assessment and assessment methodology. It also carries out specific tasks including in the areas of pesticides and zoonoses. It is organised into units composed of EFSA staff.

AMU Assessment Methodology
DATEX Data Collection and Exposure
EMRISK Emerging Risks
PRAPeR Pesticide Risk Assessment Peer Review
SCO Scientific Cooperation
Zoonoses Zoonoses Data Collection