Panel members

The PPR Panel brings together highly qualified risk assessment experts from a number of European nationalities with expertise in a range of relevant fields.

Panel members are appointed by the EFSA Management Board for three years renewable. Appointments are made on the basis of proven scientific excellence following an open call for applications and a rigorous selection procedure. The Panel regularly sets up Working Groups involving external scientists with relevant expertise to deal with specific matters and to help produce scientific opinions. All experts working for EFSA sign a Declaration of Interests to safeguard EFSA’s commitment to independence.

View the Declarations of Interests of PPR Panel members for 2009 - 2012.


Anthony Hardy, Chair
Angelo Moretto, Vice-Chair
Robert Luttik, Vice-Chair
Anne Alix
Jos Boesten
Claudia Bolognesi
Ettore Capri
Andrew Hart
Karen Ildico Hirsch-Ernst
Susanne Hougaard Bennekou
Bernadette Ossendorp
Annette Petersen
Yolanda Pico
Andreas Schäffer
Paulo Sousa
Walter Steurbaut
Anita Strömberg
Maria Tasheva
Ton Van der Linden
Christiane Vleminckx

View the Declarations of Interests of former PPR Panel members for 2006 - 2009.