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30 October 2009

EFSA launches public consultation on guidance document on food flavourings

The European Food Safety Authority's Panel on food contact materials, enzymes, flavourings, and processing aids (CEF) has launched a public consultation on a draft guidance document on food flavourings. The document specifies which data industry should submit to EFSA for the safety evaluation of new flavourings.

A common authorisation procedure for new flavourings, based on safety assessments carried out by EFSA, is currently being put in place in the European Union. Meanwhile, EFSA will soon complete the safety evaluation of some 2,800 flavourings which are already on the market. The draft guidance document on new flavourings reflects the experience gained by EFSA during this process.

All stakeholders – in particular future applicants – will be able to comment on the draft guidance document via the EFSA website until 7 December 2009. The guidelines will be finalised in early 2010, taking into consideration comments received during the public consultation.