Call for new Management Board members launched

News Story
21 July 2009

A call for new members of the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) Management Board has been launched. The Commission is organising a selection procedure for the positions of those seven members of the 15-member Board whose terms will expire on 30 June 2010.

The Management Board has responsibility for establishing the budget and work programmes, monitoring their implementation, and appointing the Executive Director and members of the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panels. The Board meets five times a year.

An open call for expressions of interest was published in the Official Journal of the European Communities on 21 July 2009. The Council of the European Union appoints the Board members based on a list of possible candidates submitted by the European Commission and after consulting the European Parliament. Members of the Management Board are appointed in accordance with the provisions of Article 25 of EFSA’s Founding Regulation 178/2002.

The final deadline for submission of applications is 30 September 2009.

Applications must be sent to the European Commission.