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Press Room
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Press Room


As part of the eEurope initiative, the European Commission launched on 7 April 2006 the new .eu top-level domain in order to promote a common internet identity for over 450 million people across the European Union. While the top-level domain .eu is open to all EU citizens, the European Commission decided that the URL and email addresses of all EU institutions and agencies would adopt the second-level domain ‘’. As a result, EFSA’s website address will change on July 3 2006 to

A similar change affects email addresses; the format of which is now

The old website and email addresses will work until May 8 2007.

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Core Mission

Communicating with the outside world is a key part of EFSA’s mission to contribute to improved food safety in Europe and build public confidence in the risk assessment process. The Authority aims to deliver effective, consistent, accurate and timely information to all stakeholders and the public at large, based on the risk assessments and scientific expertise of the Authority’s Scientific Committee and Panels.

Close integration with Science

Effective risk communication is key to establishing the Authority as an organisation dedicated to scientific excellence, independence, openness and transparency. The team is led by Communications Director Anne-Laure Gassin and its responsibilities include relations with the media, web-based communications, the creation of EFSA publications, and the organisation of conferences and events. The Communications team works closely with the Science team in order to ensure that scientific risk assessments are accurately translated into meaningful communications for the public.

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