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AHAW Members   
AHAW Members
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Panel on Animal health and welfare [AHAW]
Last updated: 28 July 2006    
Publication Date: 13 January 2006    

The Panel on animal health and welfare deals with questions on all aspects of animal health and animal welfare, primarily relating to food producing animals including fish.

Please note that EFSA’s Scientific Committee and Panels were reconstituted as of June 2006 in accordance with the procedure in place for renewing the Scientific Committee and Panels every three years. The full list of nominated scientific experts who have accepted their nomination is provided below, together with their Declaration of Interest. The list will be updated as outstanding nominees confirm with EFSA their appointment.

First AHAW plenary with new Panel members : 7-8 June 2006

Please note that full-version biographies and signed declarations of interest of new panel members will be published shortly

2006-2009 Members (Biographies)

  • Prof. Bo Algers
  • Prof. Harry J. Blockhuis
  • Prof. Donald Broom
  • Prof. Patrizia Costa
  • Prof. Mariano Domingo
  • Dr. Matthias Greiner
  • Dr. Daniel Guémené
  • Prof. Joerg Hartung
  • Dr. Trevor Stewart Hastings
  • Dr. Per Have
  • Dr. Frank Koenen
  • Prof. David B. Morton
  • Dr. Christine Müller-Graf
  • Prof. Dirk Udo Pfeiffer
  • Prof. Mo Salman
  • Dr. Moez Sanaa
  • Dr. James Michael Sharp
  • Dr. Philippe Vannier
  • Prof. Martin Wierup
  • Dr. Marion Wooldridge

2006-2009 Members (Declaration of Interests)

Please note that that declarations of interest of previous members who
have served on the panel from 2003-2006 will continue to be available upon request