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Maximum Residue Levels - Temporary MRL Opinion   
Maximum Residue Levels - Temporary MRL Opinion
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Reasoned opinion on the potential chronic and acute risk to consumers’ health arising from proposed temporary EU MRLs
Last updated: 15 March 2007    
Publication Date: 15 March 2007    

Results of the assessment carried out by EFSA:
The calculation model developed by EFSA for this specific task can be downloaded herePlease read the instruction carefully before using the calculation model.
See also the Press release
In September 2006 the Commission submitted to EFSA a list of the highest MRLs currently applied at national level for the above-mentioned pesticides (the so-called proposed temporary MRLs) which are subject to the harmonization programme. EFSA has assessed the potential consumer health risks arising from these proposed temporary MRLs and produced an Opinion. For the list of subtances concerned, click here.
The Consumer risk assessment in the Opinion takes into account the concentration of a chemical on food, the amount of food consumed and the specific toxicological properties of the chemical. Since food consumption patterns differ widely within European Member States and within consumer subgroups, EFSA decided to perform the consumer risk assessment on a broad basis of available European consumption data sets. For the assessment of possible long term risks, 26 European consumption patterns from 13 Member States (including nine data sets for children at different ages) are used. Short term consumer risk, which focuses on anticipated high food intake within one day, are assessed on the basis of 19 consumption patterns from 11 European Member States.
As European legislation covers the full variety of agricultural raw commodities (approximately 260 products of plant and animal origin), MRLs have to be established for more than 260,000 pesticide/commodity combinations. The list of commodities for which MRLs will be set can be found in Regulation (EC) No 178/2006.