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EFSA Annual colloque   
EFSA Annual colloque
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The EFSA Annual Colloque
Last updated: 14 July 2006    
Publication Date: 4 August 2005    

The EFSA Annual Colloque is an opportunity for industry, farmer groups, consumer groups and other non-governmental organisations such as those working on environmental issues to informally share knowledge and exchange views on food and feed safety with EFSA staff.

Spanning two days, the Annual Colloque is an interactive and participative event that facilitates group work, debates and breakout sessions. This approach fosters an environment that allows participants to discuss issues of current concern in an open way. In parallel, EFSA is able to increase awareness of its partners? views and learn more about possible future challenges for the Authority.

Participants at the Annual Colloque are invited directly by EFSA. Others who wish to attend without a direct invitation from EFSA can express their interest to the Authority. Please note that as a result of limited places it is not always possible for all requests to be met.